Wanderer ~ Windseer ~ Writer

I've walked with a foot in both worlds for many years: I am a both a shamanic practitioner and a scientist. Quite simply I am entranced with the world we live in, intrigued by our place within the vast web of life, and head over heels in love with the great mystery which surrounds us.

I have always wanted to know answers. "How?" and "Why?" were, and still are, questions which live within me. I studied Astrophysics and probably had more questions when I finished than when I started. I worked as a meteorologist, forecasting the weather both at home as well as in wild, remote places overseas. I always had questions, but weather forecasting allowed me to experience on a daily basis simply not knowing,  becoming comfortable with uncertainty, and how to live with mystery.

But there were questions for which science couldn't give me answers. I sought deeper meaning, and that is a subjective flighty thing which can slip through the scientist's net. It was in that search for meaning that I began my journey into healing modalities, into connection and, finally when my life was turned upside down, into the way of the Shaman.

In becoming a Shamanic Practitioner I left my old life and began anew. Shamanic practice is a way of life, a way of being which is intrinsically connected to the Earth, the Stars and the energy which weaves it all together. In learning to trust and work in partnership with my helping spirits I now work to bring healing and guidance to those who seek it in their own lives. In particular I am called to re-awaken people to the beauty of this world and to understand how we all play a vital part in creation. 

I love adventure: I have been a microlight pilot, I have served in the armed forces (many life lessons learned there!) and I have been an ultra-runner specialising in 100+mile foot races. I love books, I am a writer, a poet, a bee-keeper, a lover and explorer of wild places (as well as the realms of the Shaman) and I still love the weather and the dance of the elements across the face of planet Earth. I am blessed with the companionship of my beautiful shamanic cat.

I have listed below some of my qualifications, but ultimately all shamanic work is rooted deeply in spirit, and I will be forever deeply apprenticed to my own spirit allies.

With love,  Sarah

Shamanic Training
  • Shamanic Foundation skills with Sarah Howcroft

  • The Way of the Shaman and Shamanic Extraction with the Foundataion for Shamanic Studies

  • 3 Year Professional Shamanic Practitioner Training with the Sacred Trust, Dorset, UK

  • Astrophysics BSc(Hons) and Meteorologist RMet

  • Usui Reiki Master Teacher

  • Advanced EFT, Matrix re-imprinting and Matrix Birth re-imprinting practitioner.

  • Life Coach and Transform your Beliefs practitioner

  • Numerous bodywork and massage qualifications