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What is a Power Animal and why does Power Loss Matter?

A power animal is simply a spirit in animal form who walks with us through life as companion, protector and friend. Yet there is nothing simple about a power animal, and losing a power animal can affect our lives in many ways.

Some indigenous traditions say we only ever have one power animal, others that we may have many different ones over a lifetime, others that you may have a few power animals at the same time. All traditions however agree on this: When you lose a power animal, for whatever reason, you experience a deep and profound power loss, and this can eventually become a cause of illness.

How do you know this might have happened to you?

Symptoms of power loss are many, and some of the earlier ones include chronic conditions such as depression, tiredness or chronic fatigue, addictions, persistent bad luck or ill-fortune and, at an extreme, suicidal tendencies.

The effects of power loss may also be reflected in your life in as whole. You may find yourself in a job or career which is unsatisfying and yet you feel obliged to stick at. You may find it hard to say “no” and are always putting yourself forward to help others at the expense of your own plans. You may simply feel you are trapped in a situation you literally feel powerless to change.

What can you do to remedy this?

A shamanic practitioner will journey to discover a guardian animal spirit who is willing to come and give power to you, helping to restore balance and harmony. This may be a power animal which was once with you, or a completely new guardian spirit.

During the journey, the shamanic practitioner will also ask for guidance to discover ways to help you integrate the returned power. This can often take the form of an activity you can carry out so you are actively healing in your own healing process. This in itself is deeply empowering and allows the integration to be as smooth as possible.

Once you reconnect to this lost power, you are literally plugged back into a key element of the energetic blueprint you were born with. Once you start building a relationship with your power animal, it will serve as a teacher, revealing the specific power it carries for you. And through maintaining that relations, just as you might a friendship, you remain connected to this power and energy.

Each power animal carries deep wisdom, insight and power. The spirit of Mouse has just as much power as the spirit of Eagle, but each offers you a different power essence: Do you need to realise the power of exploring things in exquisite detail (like a Mouse) or do you need to soar above challenges and encompass the bigger picture with clear sight (as an eagle). To be re-connected with your power animal can be a deeply healing experience and part of your journey to a life with nourishes and empowers every aspect of your being. What is your Power Animal? And why are you waiting? You are welcome to contact me to for more information or to book a healing session directly through the services section of this website today.

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