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Tending the Fragmented Soul

“The soul is not in the body, but the body in the soul.” ~ Alan Watts

No matter how clued up, switched on and spiritually savvy we are, we can still find ourselves utterly unprepared for what life throws at us. In just a moment, everything we know can be turned upside down. Our very concept of who we are and how to be in the world can be shattered in an instant.

In the aftermath of such trauma, we pick up the pieces of our self and put ourselves back together as best we can. It is often not until later that we realise something is missing. Some essential piece of ourself is gone. Some vital part of our essence is lost.

We may feel the light has gone out of our lives, and feel hollow, experiencing an ongoing internal emptiness. We may feel disconnected or even dissociated from life, and suffer from feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression. Without being able to fully engage in life we can lose touch with the wellspring of our creativity, and sometime we fall prey to chronic fatigue or chronic illness.

From a Shamanic perspective, this is Soul loss. In the face of that unbearable trauma, a part of us fled in order to protect itself from the experience. In fleeing it became lost and unable to find its way back.

It is one of the roles of a Shaman to tend to a fragmented soul. They will undertake a Soul Retrieval, journeying out into the realms of spirit to find and bring home those lost soul parts which are ready to return to your life now. These returned soul parts restore to you essential qualities and gifts which have been out of your reach since the soul part was lost.

The Shaman will then work to help you discover how you can fully integrate this healing. This integration work enables you to root the returned soul part or parts deeply into your being, and to give expression to the gifts and abilities they returned with. This is your part of your journey to wholeness and is a vitally important part of the process.

The healing effects of fully integrated Soul Retrieval can be profound, leaving you with a greater desire and passion for life, the ability to make more life affirming choices and simply more vitality and energy.

Once every community had a Shaman who could undertake such work. Now they are harder to find, and as a result, western society in particular is suffering from the effects of chronic soul loss. It is fortunate that such healing work can be undertake remotely, so if you know you are experiencing the effects soul loss I recommend you seek out a shamanic practitioner and speak with them.

To learn more about how soul retrieval may help you, I invite you to contact me, or you may wish to book a healing session directly through the services section of this website.

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