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This is Your Life

Today is a special day. It is the first day of the rest of you life. Pause for a moment and admire the view. Look ahead at the life you want to live. The one you really want to live. What does it look like?

Maybe its very similar to the life you have now. Maybe its radically different. Feel into it. What emotions are there? Love? Excitement? Joy? Peace? Is there a feeling of freedom, expansiveness? Whatever is there, notice and embrace it.

Dreams are the rootstock of every creative act. Dreams seed ideas. Ideas seed actions. Actions are what bring our dreams into this world. If you are an artist, writer or maker you will already know this is true.

So why is it we often dream of the life we'd like to live and do nothing? What stops us from stepping up and saying “I can do that?”? So often I hear people say “Oh, it's just s dream?” or “That sort of thing doesn't happen to people like me?”.

Beneath these words can lie an undercurrent of limiting beliefs: “I'm not good enough, I don't belong, I'm unloveable, There's something wrong with me”.

We aren't born believing that about ourselves. These beliefs are symptomatic of power loss, of how we have made ourselves small to fit into the safe box of society. These are things we decided must be true at some point. That doesn't mean they are true.

What if you knew at a deep level that you are always enough. That you are always loved. That you are home and a part of this Earth. That you are a maker, a creator. That you are meant to be here, now.

The Path of Wild Beauty training offers the opportunity to learn how to unravel limiting beliefs and reclaim your sovereign power and the next training starts next Spring. In the meantime, take a deep breath and revisit the dream you have of your future life. Look at all that fills that life. Is there beauty, love, laughter? Focus down onto the details, onto the smaller facets of that life.

For here is where you can call back some of you power. Somewhere in all those facets, something will call out to you. Now ask yourself “What will I do today to create the life I want to live?” There will be something, and it may be something surprisingly small, like creating some space by giving away things you no longer need. It may be spending 5 minutes outside, just for you. It may be giving yourself a gift of tenderness, and doing something that nourishes your body and soul. It may be that you give yourself permission to stop doing, and to rest quietly, giving yourself some grace.

As you ponder the question “What will I do today to create the life I want to live?”, you may even want to ask yourself “What is the smallest thing I could do which would make the biggest difference?”. Reclaim your power, and take action today. For you, and for the life you envision.

Today is a special day.

It is the first day of the rest of your life.

Make it count.

If you are struggling to take action and feel powerless in your life you may benefit from shamanic healing and coaching. I invite you to contact me if you'd like to know more.

Blessings, Sarah

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