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Learning to Blossom

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower." ~ Alexander Den Heijer

Take a moment, sit back and take a few breaths. What's life like right now? Are you blissfully in flow and empowered? Or maybe things are just about OK. But maybe things are difficult and you are at a loss as to how you will continue to cope.

Whatever life is like right now, give yourself the grace of a few moments to feel into the different aspects of your life. Which parts of your life are self affirming, nourishing and supportive? Which ones are constricting, unsupportive and a drain on your energy?

Its very easy for us to focus on what's not working, but first find those things, no matter how small, which lift you up. How can you bring more of those into your life?

Our lives and our very vitality are powerfully influenced by the quality of our relationships, whether it be our relationship to our career, our health, our homes, our partners and even ourself. When each relationship is a nourishing one, we blossom and are empowered to create a joyful life. When a relationship drains our energy, it acts as an anchor and inhibits us from evolving and living a fully empowered life.

Take a look at all the relationships in your life and ask yourself whether they nourish you at a soul level or not. If yes, great. If no, then the choice is yours; to change the nature of that relationship, to release it, or to choose to continue to live with it.

Start with the little things, and let go of those which you can. This liberates energy for when you are faced with tougher choices. As you deepen into this work, you will find that everything is connected, that one relationship influences another. Even making a small change can be profound.

Have courage, tend to your relationships, your environment, and you will surely blossom.

If you would like support in this work, you are welcome to contact me.

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