The Path of Wild Beauty

A unique, transformative journey spread over 6 months, exploring the heart of life and re-awakening your wild soul.


Engaging with four powerful archetypes you explore your inner and outer landscapes, unlocking your innate healing gifts.

From healing to seer-ship, you develop a life empowering skillset to help you to walk with grace and beauty along your life path.


You learn how to embody the wisdom of your wild soul, and to re-craft your life into one which will nourish not only yourself, but the Earth.

Seeing in The Dark

The shamanic journey

This 1 day foundation skills journey workshop

teaches you how to access an incredible source of wisdom and healing power.

You will learn how to See with the strong eye of the shaman and discover how to use the shamanic journey as a practical problem solving technique for the issues and challenges we face today.

The ability to journey is a skill we are all born with. This workshop shows you how to unlock this innate ability, so you can use it whenever you need to bring extra wisdom or healing in your life.