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Wild Soul Coaching

Helping Women to Live Extraordinary Lives

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
~ Mary Oliver

None of us were born tame. And yet modern life can become hollow and unfulfilling, leaving us yearning for more. Most of us have something we want to change for the better in our life, and life coaching can help you achieve it. And for lasting, deeply integrated change which is aligned with your deepest longing, coaching from a new paradigm is needed.

Deep within us all lie often untapped layers of knowledge, wisdom and power.  Wild Soul Coaching allows you to access this deepest wisdom and to experience more freedom and aliveness in your life. It empowers you to make lasting, sustainable and regenerative change fueled from within. As you learn to listen to and trust your wild soul, you discover how to create deeply embodied and practical changes within your life.

Each of us has a unique gift which offers healing medicine not only to our life, but also to the world. Our inner guidance system instinctively knows what is needed to create a life which nourishes us both within and without. When we flourish from within a nourishing life, we embody our medicine for the Earth, with positive change rippling out beyond us. Each of us has this capacity to make a difference in our lives, and to the wider world.

I work with clients globally online, offering transformative life coaching and healing sessions.

I have worked with clients on relationships, health and fitness, career change, business development, self confidence, navigating grief and more.


Once a month I host free online Insight Calls which are free to all.

I work with artists, writers and creatives who wish to bring more beauty into the world. I work with coaches, mentors and healers who want to become more effective at catalysing positive change in their clients. I work with professionals who are experiencing burnout and who want to create a life which nourishes them mind, body and soul. I work with men and women who stand at thresholds in life, who know that they want to create a life with meaning which nourishes both them and the wider world.

Whatever change you wish to bring into your life, it is a change you are also bringing into the world. In this way positive change ripples out beyond us in ways we can never imagine.

Begin today.


“Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.”

~ Danielle LaPorte

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