Whether you are seeking healing, guidance through a life transition, or simply finding a way to navigate through turbulent times, you are welcome.

Working at the deepest level, Shamanic Healing offers medicine for the soul, bringing healing to wounds that may have been carried for years. It restores lost power and re-connects you to your innermost wellspring of limitless strength, resourcefulness and passion.

As both a shamanic practitioner and scientist, I combine ancient shamanic wisdom and contemporary healing techniques to help catalyse your own healing journey. If you'd like to learn a little more my background there's a page all about me.

I offer shamanic workshops as well as the unique training The Path of Wild Beauty, a deeply transformative body of work in which you re-connect with your wild, true self.  You deserve nothing less than to live an empowered, courageous and authentic life and it is time to reclaim this birthright.

If you'd learn more about shamanic healing and how it could help you, I invite you to contact me via the form at the bottom of this page.

Shamans Drum used in shamanic healing and coaching sessions by shamanic practitioner Sarah L Kent

Healing ~ Transformation ~ Insight


How I Can Help You

Whilst much shamanic work can be undertaken remotely, I love offering shamanic healing, workshops and group work in the shelter of my home, in its beautiful woodland valley in Mid Devon.

I accept bookings through this website up to 5 weeks in advance, and you are always welcome to contact me to ask questions or book a session. For appointments further ahead, please contact me directly.  I will send you directions, if needed, once we have confirmed details of your booking and I received your payment (cancellation policy here).

I travel throughout UK on request and I work with many clients remotely, where we connect via email, skype or the phone. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions, and for more details of how I can work with you.

Shamanic healing provides medicine for the soul, and works to restore harmony in your mind, body and energetic field.  At its most simple level, a classical shamanic healing will consist of extraction work to clear your system of blocks and misplaced energy, followed by Soul or Power Retrieval. The healing work removes that which does not belong and restores to you that which has been lost.


Your healing session may include divination, extraction work, Soul retrieval or Soul remembering, Power Animal retrieval or spirit release. Each session is unique, and shamanic healings may take place over 1 or more sessions, with many clients returning for regular "check ups" to optimise and maintain their well-being.


I always work with you to help you discover the best way for you to integrate the healing session, and I often share self help tips and techniques which I have learned over the years, which may help you deepen into your healing journey.

If you are ready to heal and welcome change into your life shamanic healing sessions offer you a gateway to powerful personal transformation.