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Insight Calls

Free Monthly Online Gatherings

Invoking Wild Soul Wisdom for Empowering Insights

Exploring a different theme each month, these calls invoke the wisdom of our wild souls. Within these nurturing spaces you will discover how simple questions can create unexpected and illuminating answers which can offer sustenance, meaning and deep wisdom.

Each call creates the opportunity to gain deep insights and fresh perspectives.


There is always the opportunity to do some reflective writing as well as drawing or doodling (so bring do pens/pencils and a journal!) to unfold ever deeper layer of your innate wisdom and intuitive knowing.

In joining these calls you will become more familiar with how to access your own wild soul's knowing, and more attuned to your intuition.

This is a FREE offering.


Nothing in life is more exciting and rewarding than the sudden flash of insight that leaves you a changed person.

~ Arthur Gordon Webster

Within each Insight Call

  • There is a sanctuary for all present

  • We deepen our own knowledge and gain insight on each month's theme

  • We root into our unique sense of BEing so we are nourished and strengthened by it

These gatherings are not coaching spaces, but it is not unusual to gain practical insights into how to bring positive change into daily life as a result of being a part of each call.

Insight Call details and joining instructions will be emailed out to those who are interested a couple of weeks in advance so you can save the date in your diary.


To receive these details along with any other Wild Soul Coaching offerings please sign up using the form below. You'll receive an email right away, so please check your junk mail if it doesn't appear in your inbox!

I'll make a recording of each Insight Call available for those who for whatever reason cannot make the call live. So long as I have internet (and power!) on my off-grid narrowboat home I will email out a link to the recording the day following each call.


If you know anyone you feel would benefit in joining a Insight Call, please share this page with them.

With love,

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