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Wild Soul Coaching

If you wish to make lasting changes in your life, Wild Soul Coaching can help you to tap into your innate wisdom with deep lasting, sustainable change as the result.


This unconventional and empowering approach is based on the work of counselling psychologist David Grove. It creates spaces full of potential within which you can gain powerful insights and fresh perspectives. 

Rooted and nourished by this inner knowing you can create the changes in life which you seek whilst being aligned with your deepest longings. This creates flow instead of struggle, and helps you to make the changes you wish with ease and grace.

I work with clients globally online via zoom and mobile. The web of connectivity we now experience means that you can be coached outdoors in the natural world, as well as sheltered indoors. Coaching in the natural world awakens our senses to the richness of meaning which our environment offers to us every day. In engaging our senses fully we simultaneously become more alive to the voice of our inner knowing. This in turn inspires deep insight and revelatory shifts of perspective, thus empowering positive change in life.

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I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

Free Alchemy Session


Our first session together is free of charge, either on zoom or mobile, and may last up to 45 minutes. In this initial consultation you'll have time to explore what it is you'd like to have happen in your life, and discover how Wild Soul Coaching can support you in creating these changes.


You'll experience a taster of Wild Soul Coaching too, to help you decide whether you're ready to receive more focused, in depth coaching sessions.

The power of Wild Soul Coaching is that the magic continues even after the session and you may discover that what was initially a big issue is no longer even an obstacle.

The Free Alchemy Session sets the stage for future coaching sessions, should you wish to continue.

If you would like to book a free Alchemy Session, please get in touch.

Wild Soul Coaching is unconventional, and if you've already experienced coaching you may be surprised by its range and depth. Not only does it create space for you to access your inner wisdom,  it deepens your self knowledge and your way of Being in the world.

Wild Soul Coaching Sessions last typically 60-90 minutes, and I would always encourage you to set aside two hours of your time for coaching. This gift of time allows for reflection and to integrate new insights which have arisen during your session.

Coaching sessions may be booked singly, or in bundles of 5 sessions.

For those clients who invest in a bundle of 5 session, I offer additional self coaching practices to deepen your self knowledge between our time together.


If you are ready to start making a difference in your life so that your life can make a greater difference in the world, I encourage to not to wait! None of us know how much time we are given, and the only time we ever have is now. What difference would it make for you to take the first step on a new life journey today? 

Contact me if you are ready to begin, and to arrange for your free Alchemy Call.


I will not die an unlived life,
I will not live in fear
Of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days
To allow my living to open me,
To make me less afraid,
more accessible,
To loosen my heart
Until it becomes a wing,
A torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance; to live
So that which came to me as seed
Goes to the next as blossom
And that which came to me as blossom
Goes on as fruit.

~  Dawna Markova

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